Recreational sitting is about to change..

The Portable, Folding, Lightweight
Multi-functional Walking Stick ~ Seat ~ Cane.

The Sit Anywhere, Take Everywhere Chair

The NEW "Original Stick Chair" accommodates today's lifestyle - one of portability and simplicity.

14 inches - 36 cms folded length. Extended Length 31 inches. Seating position Lenght 27 inches.

Strong yet lightweight in design, it folds down for easy storage and pops open instantly whenever and wherever you need to sit.

The new adjustable chair provides personalized comfort with improved visibility.

  • Portable – Folds to 14”/ 36.cms four(4) interlocking sections.
  • Length / Height – 27”to 31” -- 69cm to81cm
  • Lightweight – Weighs 1.5lbs / 0.7kg
  • Adjustable - Length / Height up to 4.0 inches /10.2 cms
  • Rubber Foot / Ferrule --- for use on hard surfaces (pavement)
  • Iron Spike and fold down Plate for use on soft surfaces ( grass)

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  • Portable

  • Hard Surfaces

  • Soft Surfaces